10 Interesting Fashion Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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valentine's day gift

– Interesting gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

– Gift ideas to to surprise her and make her smile


Val’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is not so far anymore and the truth is that a lot of guys have trouble finding a gift for their wives, and girlfriends (and all the special women in their lives) because well, some guys are just like that; they have trouble getting a good gift idea in the midst of all the choices (imagine that!).

Most guys just stick to the familiar and tested gifts so that they don’t get burnt; perfume, chocolate, roses, nice necklace, etc. but if you are one of those guys who would like to try something this Valentine even you haven’t come up with an idea yet, then we can help you.

Here are ten not-so-common gift ideas to try this Valentine:


valentine's day gift

Now you have to make this interesting and alluring; you need to find something luxurious and interesting. You could get expensive silk pyjamas in a statement colour like red or look for something playful and interesting.


valentine's day gift

This also has to be something unique and interesting or playful. Look out for sweaters with outstanding prints, designs and colour. You can’t afford to pick something boring.


valentine's day gift

Sunglasses are an interesting and really good Valentine’s Day gift, if you do it right. Find the right shape for your lady and if you can, get her a pair of designer shades. You’ll want to make sure that’s it’s actually something she can wear; don’t be too adventurous if she’s not



valentine's day gift

A luxurious, expensive robe will be a good gift or something outlandish and playful that she’ll always remember you for.

Hoop Earrings

valentine's day gift

What is Valentine’s Day without some jewellery for the ladies? While trying to avoiding conventional stuff like a necklace, a bracelet or stud earrings, hoop earrings are good substitute. Look for something in solid gold or silver (don’t buy cheap jewellery unless you’re still in school or something) that is well crafted and designed.

If she doesn’t wear hoops, maybe you’ll need to stick to studs


valentine's day gift

This is a daring one; make sure she’s the kind of lady who’ll get what you are trying to do. You also have to know for sure that she wears (maybe a lot of) wigs. Buy her something that she can wear and that is of really good quality.


valentine's day gift

Buy her a pair of colourful and unique sneakers this Valentine and enjoy her surprise,

Cocktail rings


valentine's day gift

Ladies love jewellery; they look out for it. If you’re not the doing conventional stuff, you can still get her a couple of good quality (expensive) and unique cocktail rings. You can even buy just one, if it’s really outstanding

Leather Jacket

valentine's day gift

Again find something unique and interesting that will put a smile on her face.


valentine's day gift
Markus Lupfer T-Shirt

A statement T-shirt of the best quality with something really interesting about it; make sure she’s that kind of girl or that she’s likes you enough to like whatever you’re bringing.

Note: Make sure you bring along some chocolate and maybe flowers to augment your gift and make her smile a little more.

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