20 Golden Rules For Good Men

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Somebody sent this message to me and it is so revealing and I feel like sharing it with every man out there.Read,share and comment:

All over the net I see different posts on 20 rules, 10 laws etc that a woman must follow to make her home successful, so I just feel someone should come up with good rules for our wonderful Men too, here goes :
1. Don’t lead a woman on by showering her with undue attention when you know you are not interested in her, then when she gets emotionally attached, you say ” I’m just being nice”. that’s not nice, that’s predatory.
2. Stop double – dating, sniffing and smelling different ladies all over the place, you are a man, not a he goat, and a woman is a woman not a roulette table.
3. Neat and smart appearance and nice smell is for everybody, please work on your appearance, especially that strong smell.
4. Stop threatening a lady that you will end the relationship if she doesn’t agree to sleep with you, the inability to control your sexual drive is an indication of a more deeply rooted infirmity, seek help.
5. Stop, stop and stop throwing your socks, shirts and shoes all over the place, organization and orderliness are not necessarily a genetic trait, anyone can learn it.
6. Stop saying ” I am the head of this family ” anytime you want to have your way or force your will on your partner, a true head does not announce himself.
7. The training of the children is actually your duty as the man, so don’t push it all on your wife, she is just your helper, so bath for those kids once in a while, take them to school sometimes, go for open day, etc.
8. Please learn to balance the time between your work and home, yes, you need to make money, but your family also needs your presence.
9. Stop demanding for s*x every time, even as a married man, there is more to your wife than her breasts and bums and truly if you don’t have s*x in two or more days, you won’t die, trust me, u won’t.
10. Also please and pleasesss, improve on your ability to give your wife pleasure during sex, the fact that your past girl friends while you were single and still playing around often respond like they enjoy you doesn’t mean you are good, it may only mean they are good actresses who put up the proper show so as to get your money, the best evaluator of your bedmatic prowess is your wife, she knows what she likes, listen to her and improve, it will reduce the number of times she says no to your advances, abi, who no like enjoyment.
If she enjoys you, she will always say yes.
11. Don’t expect your wife to opinion-less, thought- less, imagination-less, etc, and must always obey every of your word and order all the times like Akeem’s hop like a kangaroo betrothed wife in “Coming to America “. Evn Akeem didn’t like such a relationship, (smart guy). You being her Mr. Right doesn’t mean your views are always right, Mr. Right means Mr. R-ighteous, I-ngenious, G-ood hearted, H-unk, (yea, a good look and physique also matters) and T-ender.
12. Stop going all over town sowing your wild oats, sleeping around, like you are God’s only gift to woman kind, the responsibility to populate the world is not your sole duty, fornication and adultery are not fashionable, they are sins.
13. Sincerely Bros, without God, you can’t make it, so make God and not your business or work the center of your life, love and serve God and many of the issues that baffles you including your woman will become child’s play.
14. Your foot ball club is important I know, blue, red and pink and all d other colours are of utmost importance I know, but please you don’t sleep with Man- u at nite, do u? And it is not chealsea that calls you daddy, so set your priorities right, your family is more important than your football club.
15. It is your duty to provide for your family, so don’t be lazy and sit down doing nothing because you have an industrious wife.
16. A good man is courteous and has finesse, so learn to open doors for ladies, allow them to have your seat, etc, and plssss, don’t take a lady our to eat and because things didn’t go as you expect walk out on her paying your bills alone! Ah! Tantrums are for babies not Men.
17. Tell your woman you love her as often as possible, learn to say d sweet nothings to her, it won’t kill you or reduce your machoness, actually a sweet and tender guy is preferred to d all brawns and no tender type, and here’s a secret : if u do enouch of these sweet stuff, nite time runs will be easier for u, believe me, I’m a woman, I know.
18. Don’t be stingy, if u have enouch cash, lavish it on your woman, love always gives, buy her gifts, surprise her here and there, a 2017 model of one of these CRVs is not too bad, lolll, ( now I know I’m really pushing d guys off, lolll).
19. Try and say sorry wen you are wrong, believe me, it will elongate your life span.
20. DON’T EVER ABUSE a WOMAN, whether physically, emotionally or psychologically! ,your woman is not a punching bag! A true man doesn’t beat a woman!

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