21 Things women do to mess up their marriage

Updated on October 7, 2016 in Marriage wisdom
5 on October 6, 2016

 There are so many things that women do to mess up their marriage. But lets consider these 21 points/things.

1. Taking their husbands for granted
2 shifting their attention from their husbands to their children
3. Failure to support their husbands financially
4. Not leaving their parent after marriage
5. Shouting at their husband
6. Correcting their husband like a child
7. Undue closeness to their ex after marriage
8. Handing over their home to single girls around them when not at home
9. Making roaster for sex with their husbands.
10. Not satisfying their husband sexually
11. Wearing Jean or short to bed
12. Enjoying sleeping alone not wanting the body of their husbands to touch them
13. Failure to take care of their body
14. Wrong eating habit
15. Giving casual sex to their husband
16. Adding excessive weight
17.  Cooking wrongly for their family
18. Talking with disrespect to their husband
19. Demonstrating hatred to in-laws
20. Loving their job more than their husband
21. Wasteful spending

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