5 Best Techy Gifts For Your Man This Valentine’s Day

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Once again, the Valentine’s Day is upon us and the buzz is steadily gathering pace. Ladies are looking for gifts for your man and the guys are racking their brains for gifts they would also buy their partner. Luckily for the single ones like me, we do not have to worry about buying gifts for anyone since we are single. To be honest, Valentine’s Day is about showing love and one mustn’t be in a relationship before deciding to buy gifts. Having this in mind, I have decided to come up with a list of the best 5 techy gifts for your man which would be appreciated this love season.

Techy Valentine Gifts for your Man


Sony PlayStation 4 Console
To be honest, I don’t think I’ve come across guys who do not love playing games. Guys to their friends’ houses sometimes to chill and play games from morning till night, at least that’s better than clubbing and womanising. If you know your partner likes playing video games and he can’t afford to buy one, buying the Sony PlayStation 4 for him might be one of the best gifts someone would ever give him in his life, you can also top it off with a FIFA 17 CD or an adventure game. Look through Jumia or Konga’s range of consoles of the PS4 based on storage spaces and see the one you can afford.



Elegant Wristwatches
Some timepieces are so dope when people see them on your wrist they just have to look twice. Hublot, Rolex and some other well-known brands make good wristwatches, enter a mall and get a modern-looking wristwatch for your partner, he would appreciate this gift.



NetFlix, Apple Music or Spotify Subscription
There is been a lot of uproar from guys about their ladies buying singlets and boxers as gifts for them. Subscriptions such as Netflix, itunes/apple music, Spotify, etc. are really nice and thoughtful gifts for partner which would be appreciated this love season. I hope Nigerian ladies would really deviate from these boxers and singlets stuffs and be really creative. Go to your man, ask him if he needs any of this subscription; make him happy and thank me later.




Laptop Computer
Your boyfriend may have been lamenting for a long time about his old-ragged laptop giving him issues – he gets worried all the time and he’s not really financially capable to afford one at the moment. Ladies buying a laptop for your man would definitely make him happy, little things like this goes a long way a strengthening relationships. Laptop specs to go for should be at least Intel core i5, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD for a windows PC. You can get him an apple product as well.




Men’s Health Magazine
You know your man better than me. If he’s the type that appreciate things like this and he loves reading, walk into a mall and get him a slightly expensive but good men magazine. He could be having some grooming challenges which he could overcome reading magazines like this.



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