5 Things That Can Hold you Back From Getting The Right Partner

Updated on February 3, 2017 in Relationship issues
0 on February 4, 2017

Are you doing any of these 5 things?

1. You don’t love yourself
Before you can fully love another person, and before someone else can fully love you, you must first love yourself.

2. You don’t go on dates
Hanging out with groups of people, or hanging out one on one, can be less intimidating and feel less committed than going on a date, but it doesn’t get you any closer to finding “the one.”

3. Your expectations are too high
Do you have a list of traits that you are looking for in your future spouse?

4. You are too comfortable with your routine
You may want to find your forever significant other, but you must also be willing to change your routines in order to make your relationship work.

5. You aren’t doing things for yourself
Don’t plan your life around the possibility that you might meet your match tomorrow, next week, in two months or next year. Make plans, set goals, and live your dreams!

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