7 Unique Ways To Give Attention To Your Husband No. 7 Will Amazed You

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7 Unique Ways To Give Attention To Your Husband No. 7 Will Amazed You

  • Bisi Adewale


It is not sufficient to crave your husband’s attention. You have to give him attention first of all.

Some women withhold their attention in a bid to ‘punish’ their husbands for denying them love; they think this will make the man “come to his senses”, crawling back to them, begging for their feet. This is wrong! Men are not made to live like that. You can’t win a man by fighting him. You can’t withhold attention to get attention; it does not work like that. TO GET YOUR HUSBAND’S ATTENTION, YOU MUST GIVE HIM YOUR ATTENTION.


7 Unique Ways To Give Attention To Your Husband

Work To Do:

  1. Listen to him when he talks. Your husband wants you to listen attentively to him when he talks. He want you to listen the way a good student will listen to the teacher. He doesn’t want you to be distracted when he is talking to you, especially when he is telling you about his vision, plans, job, exploits, etc. If you fail to do this, he will lose interest in talking to you and look for somebody who will listen to him. Unfortunately, that person can be a strange woman.
  2. Eye contact. Don’t just listen to him, make eye contact with him and let him know you are interested.
  3. React to what he is saying. Shake your head, smile, frown, shout, hail him, praise, and add something as the case may be. This will make him happy and encourage him to talk to you the more and give you his attention.
  4. Enter into his world. You can’t get your husband if you fail to reason like a man. You must allow what thrills him thrill you. You may wonder what thrills him about football. That is a man for you, enter into his world!
  5. Attend to him at the table. Don’t just serve his food and go away. Eat with him, or stay with him as he eats his food. Give him your attention at the dining table.
  6. Give him domestic solution. Attend to his needs at home, make sure the home is conducive for him. Make water and food ready and keep the house clean and sparkling.
  7. Put him ahead of your job and children. Make him on top of your priority. Love him more than you love your children and let him know you do.




7 Unique Ways To Give Attention To Your Husband No. 7 Will Amazed You

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