5 Ways You Can Spend Less On A Vacation

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The holidays are around the corner and many families have either traveled for their summer vacation or are getting ready to do so. With the Naira increasingly under pressure, it is important to avoid unnecessary expenses that just make your travel experience regrettable. Here are practical examples of keep our expenses in check.  This is based on personal experience and that of others.

Airport shops
Experience they say is the best teacher. If you have ever bought anything as little as bottle water at any of the airport shops you would agree with me that the prices are outrageous. While experience shows that some things you buy at the airport may be cheaper than they are in town, it doesn’t apply to everything. In fact, they are pretty much expensive when compared to discount shops or outlet malls. Don’t ever think you are getting a bargain when you buy things at the airport.

 Pack your food
As weird as it may sound, packing your own food helps you to save money and time, especially while you’re traveling. A typical meal that you can pack will include a sandwich, chips, fruits and fried meats or chicken. This is so much cheaper than having everyone go into a popular fast food restaurant and order a large meals. Packing your own food helps you to save money and time, especially while you’re traveling. I tried this and it really helped me save some cash. Typically I prefer packing fried/ grilled chicken and chips.

Find restaurants where kids eat free
Sometimes, we could include the children in the vacation and this could mean more expense, so before you leave on the trip, Do a search online for the town we will be in that day, followed by the words, “kids eat free.” OR ” restaurant with discount for kids” There are websites that regularly update which restaurants gives discount for kids.

Telephone roaming
When you travel abroad, especially for the first time you should remember you pay about ten times the cost of making calls if you were in Nigeria and also pay for calls that you receive. Also, Text messages are also about ten times what it cost. Data roaming is even more expensive. The easiest way to avoid telephone roaming while on vacation is to get a new SIM card when you get to your destination. For data roaming you can go to the settings of your phone and simply switch it off.

Drive, instead of fly
Most of the time, if you are traveling with a family, it will be much less expensive to drive, instead of fly. We like to research where the cheapest gas prices will be and fill up in those locations. We have also researched how to save money on gasoline and have implemented many of these tactics while traveling.

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