5 Ways you destroying your relationship without knowing

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5 Ways you destroying your relationship without knowing

A relationship can be your best or worst, depending on how you will go about it. By now, you’ve already learned nobody’s perfect. There is no perfect relationship either; it has its own highs and lows. Then again, you need to do your part in keeping the passion burning. Learn from the mistakes written below.

1) Trying to control the person

The majority of us hates losing control that we become control freaks even when it comes to our relationships. Admittedly, there are some things that your significant other makes you drive crazy. We all have those moments and it’s perfectly normal. What’s not is telling the person what he or she should and should not do especially when he or she is with you. While you might not admit you are controlling your partner, the mere fact that you comment on everything he or she says or does is already a form of control. So, don’t.

2) Expecting the other person to be “perfect”

If you aren’t afraid of making mistakes, you won’t be here reading this article. Indeed, as humans, we inevitably make mistakes. So, never hold your partner to unrealistically high expectations. Don’t hold yourself some unrealistically high expectations either. Such distorted thinking only belittles the other person and his or her own strengths and capabilities. As such, when you are tempted to find a fault with our other half, think of the reasons you fell in love with him or her in the first place.

3) Keeping secrets from him or her

If you’ve been keeping something major from your loved one intentionally, you are already keeping a secret from the person. Even when you tell about the event and keep the details of such to yourself, that still falls in the keeping-a-secret arena. And, no, even white lies aren’t acceptable. The guilt that you are feeling, regardless of how mundane it may be, is a clear indication that you are doing something wrong. The things you are keeping from that one person will come out eventually and it might turn ugly once the words were out. Therefore, communication lines must be kept open all the times.

4) Forgetting to appreciate the person

At the initial stages of the relationship, we tend to shower our partners with praises, thank-you and I love you. Along the way, however, we tend to forget the things that our loved one do for us especially the littlest of things. These are the moments that make your partner feel undervalued. Don’t be like that. Show your partner that you genuinely appreciate him or her. Praise whenever, grow together. Nonetheless, learn to appreciate yourself first before you can appreciate others.

5) Doubting your partner

All relationships are founded on trust. When doubts start filling your mind and heart, you tend to question that relationship as well as the person. You are always pre-occupied with how long the relationship will last. Then, you will start to fight over every little thing. You commit half-heartedly and eventually, you will feel uncomfortable when the person is around when there is really no point in doubting. Don’t do this. When you enter a relationship, make sure that you are 100% sure and ready to commit.

Indeed, there are several factors to consider when building a long-term relationship. Above are some of the most common relationship mistakes which, when avoided, can increase the chance of surviving the said relationship as a couple. Don’t let these relationship traps ruin the relationship that took you months to years to build.

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