7 Qualities That Will Make Your Parents Accept The Guy You Want To Marry

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7 Qualities That Will Make Your Parents Accept The Guy You Want To Marry

-By Oba Samuel

One of the major challenges single ladies face is how to get the approval of their parents for the choice of a life-partner. Many at times, they are at logger-heads with their parents because whom they consider as a perfect match doesn’t usually get a pass-mark from their beloved parents.

This rejection of whom their heart loves often put them in a dilemma that makes them hate their parents. The reason for this article is to show you the qualities parents are actually looking for in who become their son-in law.

Godly: First among the qualities your parents are actually looking for in the life of who will have the hands of their daughter in marriage is that he must be godly and god-fearing. To them, a godly man will be well-behaved. Such a man will not be a wife beater; he will not be a drunk and will not womanize. Absence of all this vices will make him a great husband that will give the wife peace and joy in marriage.

Good Looking: The appearance of the man you want to marry matters a lot. If he must get their approval; he must be a good dresser. Dressing decently, have a fine haircut, well-shaved with a good look. A guy that dress like a ruffian, with weird look will definitely meet with stiff opposition from any decent parents any day regardless of how you try to defend him.

Gainfully Employed:No parents want their daughter to suffer that is why one of their major concern is where the man that want to marry their daughter works. His occupation is of utmost importance to them. Parents want financial security and better living condition for their children .This will make them happy and proud in the neighborhood. It is not right for you and your future husband to be depending on your parents for sustenance after wedding. Good employment can easily get a pass mark for your lover-boy before your parents.

Ambitious: An ambitious man with great dreams and visions can get a good nod from your parents especially if they have seen the traces that he will make it .Don’t just take him to them without sharing his dreams and ambition with them, this is what will prepare the ground for his ground reception whenever he gets to meet them for the first time.

Lively: A guy with a ‘serious ‘or hard look, non-smiling face will create some fear in the heart of your mother who will in-turn express her worries to your Father. To most parents, a man who is not lively will be a difficult husband who will maltreat their daughter in marriage. Do you want them to accept him? Teach him to be lively and jovial.

Respectful: Respect has a way of unlocking people’s heart. Regardless of his wealthy background or parental status in the society, his sense of humility and respect to you; your family members is a game winner. If your parents notice an element of pride in him; they will express their displeasure and create fear in you not to marry him.

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