7 Ways to know true love

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7 Ways to know true love

Love is like a music, it thrills when the music is on. It creates in explainable joy that ushers the parties involved into a new world. Where their thoughts and emotions becomes knitted together. In fact, it is what I called – a romantic  journey.

But when the relationship turns sour, hearts got broken. Regret sets in, love birds becomes sworn-enemies. The purpose of this piece is to unveil the signs which indicates that the love he/she has towards you is a living one – genuine.7 Ways To Know Real Love

This will help you to know what to do on time if things is directly opposite these.

(I) LONGING TO BE TOGETHER: In a living relationship, there’s inner desire to always be together in the same place all the time. This is a strong bond that gives security and emotional attachment which makes them feel incomplete when they are far from each other. This is not about sexual desire but the value placed on each other’s presence – they just want to be together. 7 Ways To Know Real Love

with your presence. Please, beware! He that does not long to be together with you in courtship may not give you attention in marriage.7 Ways To Know Real Love



Attraction is one of the ingredient of love. True loving relationship will make your partner eager to see you. There is a kind of attraction which your appearance must give to your would-be husband/wife. Beware of any lover who is avoiding you or who often say negative things about your stature or dressing. Anybody who does not love to see you may not love to marry you. A true lover will cancel some schedules, go extra-mile break barriers against all odds just to catch a glimpse of you. Is he/she doing that? He that is not attracted to you will soon dump you because he/she will be attracted to someone else




There is no love without giving. Love is tied to giving. Whenever love is ‘hot’ check it, giving is in place! In true love, giving is not conditional neither is it forced but it comes from a willing heart. Whenever you noticed that your lover who once give generously is now been pushed to give, that means the love he/she has towards you is dwindling.

(4) PROUD T0 INTRODUCE YOU: Is he/she is proud to introduce you to friends, relatives and colleagues? If yes, that means you are truly in the heart of your partner. But if your answer is no, then something is definitely wrong between both of you.

(5) COMMITMENT TO ONE  ANOTHER: Commitment is the fuel for a lasting relationship. Living love usually involves absolute commitment to one another. Commitment has no barrier, even time cannot hinder it. when commitment is in place, he is there even when then is a reason not to be there. Remember what Jesus says about it ‘’For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also’’ Matt. 6:21.

If commitment is not in your so-called love. I am SORRY to inform you that that love is dying.

(6) DESIRE TO MARRY: Living love normally lead to desire to get married and to live together forever. This cannot come to be except if commitment is in charge.

In true courtship. There’s always an urge/desire to move the relationship to the next level in order to have and to hold in holy matrimony. Watch it. if your so-called LOVER does not discuss about marriage with you despite your years in courtship;he/she may not see you as a marriage material. There’s an element of joy which can only be found in enjoying one another’s presence. So ,when your so-called lover is no longer interested in being together or not so thrilled The peak of all true love is the desire to get married to your heartthrob.

(7) FORGIVES: Any body without mistakes is equal to God. And if nobody is equal to God, that means there  will be offending in between your relationship.

‘’Love covereth multitude or sins’’. True love forgives no matter the gravity of that offence. True Love does not report nor wait for a third party before issues are resolved. True love has the heart of the living Jesus – he/she forgives generously.Have no heart for grudges or malice but ready to apologise and takes to correction.

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