7 Wonders Of Sexually Fulfilled Marriage N0. 6 is exceptional

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7 Wonders Of Sexually Fulfilled Marriage N0. 6 is exceptional 

  • Bisi Adewale

A sexually fulfilled marriage is the opposite of a sexless marriage. It is a fulfilment of God’s plan for marriage. It helps to build good homes, understanding and love. It leads to the following:

(1)  Early understanding: When couples are    sexually fulfilled, they tend to find it easier           to understand each other because they find it easier to relate under the atmosphere of love, compared to couples in sexless marriages who are always bitter towards each other.

 (2) Enhances intimacy: When couples understand each other easily, they tend to build an intimate marriage. Hence, a good sex that brings easy understanding will also build intimacy in a marriage.


(3) Eliminate third parties: When couples are intimate, it tends to eliminate third party interference, by not giving room for anybody to come between them.


(4) Enhance purity: A sexually fulfilled man will find it easier to control his emotion and overcome temptation better than a sexually starved and frustrated man. This helps him to live for God in holiness and righteousness.


 (5) Enhance fertility: A woman in a sexually fulfilled marriage who is exposed to sex often may find it easier to get pregnant than a woman in a sexless marriage who may not have slept with her husband for months.


  (6) Crisis is uncommon: In this type of marriage, crisis induced by sex is very rare. Hence, bitterness, resentment, scape-goating, and corrosive reaction are not common.


(7) Brings joy / fulfilment: It brings joy to parties involved and makes them to be fulfilled in their marriage. In a survey, some men were asked whether they are happy with their marriage and their sex life, almost all men who said they are satisfied with their sex life said they are satisfied with their marriages, while men that score their sex life low sees their marriages as not interesting.


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