How to Know the Wrong Definition of Love N0 4 Will Shock You

Updated on February 3, 2017 in Singleness
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Bisi Adewale

As a marriage counsellor with many years experience; teaching teenagers, youths, singles, married, parents, etc on campuses, fellowships, churches and some other places, I have thrown this same question to many.

The following are some of the ways people defined love:

Love is when you kiss all the time until you are tired of kissing.”

“Love is when you feel a feeling you have never felt before.”

“Love is when a lady keeps on giving you eye contact and you start feeling something in your heart.”

“Love is when you are ready to kill yourself if you see him with another lady.”

“Love is when you can’t just put him out of your mind.”

“Love is when you become a tomato to his touch.”

“Love is undefined”

“How can you say I should define love, love is too great to be defined.”

 “Love is when you meet his needs and he meets your needs.”

 “Love is when you cannot resist her look.”

 “Love is when you hate seeing her with another man.”


These and many others are the definitions of love by people. These are all bundle of lies and falsehood. It is a shame to know that these definitions came from people who have been in love or relationships for years. That is why something must be done to let people know that love is more than sexual urge and to let them know the true definition of love.


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