Becoming A Better Person In Life And Relationship

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Many marriage will not the rock if only we better persons in relationships and the world will surely be a paradise if we are surrounded with good people.Can we really have good people all around us? How can we be a better person in relationship?

Huyen My answers it all in her article on and it is shared below:

1. Deal With Negative Traits
In order to know the useful ways on how to be a better person in life and in a relationship, the first thing you need to do is dealing with negative traits. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect. You can do some mistakes and you can have some characteristics you dislike. But you will be happy if you identify these negative traits and make it improve. It seems challenging; however, it is worth trying.

2. Love Yourself
If you want someone to love you and become your friend, the first thing on how to be a better person is to love yourself. Accept who you are. Forgive your mistake. Know that no one is perfect. Take care of yourself and be surrounding with people who love you, want to give you the best thing in life and in relationships.

3. Control Anger And Jealousy
Although it is difficult to stay away from anger and jealousy and these issues are indispensable, you should not always feel angry and jealous toward other people. Forgiving someone’s mistake, knowing that they have their own difficulties, holding anger, and being good friends are what you need if you want to know how to be a better person.

4. Think Before Speaking
Rude and bad words can hurt someone. It is important for you to think about your ramifications of words before speaking.

5. Be A Good Listener
Nowadays, people are often busy with their family, their career, and their lives. Therefore, it is difficult to find time to listen to other people. But listening is the greatest and the most wonderful thing you can give. Therefore, try to be a good listener as possible as you can.

6. Be Honest
As the effective way on how to be a better person, you should try not to tell a lie for one month. Everyone likes a person who can be honest.

7. Be Helpful
Help the old on the subway, carry the groceries for your spouse, assist co-worker in a project, and take part in charity activities. Being helpful is the easiest and greatest way on how to be a better person in life and in a relationship.

8. Be Polite
You do not pay anything to be polite. Say “Thank you” to someone who gives their hands, opens the door for you and assists you in a project. Actually, politeness and kindness can make someone’s day.

9. Be Ready To Change Yourself
Whether you have a new job, travel to unknown countries or try eating a new restaurant, it will be the great idea to experience something new. You should be ready and be confident to change yourself in order to become a better person.

10. Surprise Someone
Have you tried to make someone smile? My advice on how to be a better person is surprising someone you love. For example, give them a special gift, a night out of town, or even offer help when you know that they will be happy and show their gratitude. Making people smile is the useful way that makes you happy.

Since I changed myself in a positive way, many people have begun to love me and want to be my friend. I spend time hanging out with them, coming back to my family and making them surprise. I also take part in some charity activities to help needed people. Now, I am always happy with wonderful moments in my life and in my relationship.

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to know how to be a better person in life and in a relationship? You need to make a positive choice.

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