Depression killed my relationship and I want it back

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This is going to be very long even though I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. I feel the situation requires details, so thank you for putting up with this wall of text! And sorry for having to cut it into multiple messages, it didn’t send.

About 1.5 years ago I first met my now ex-boyfriend. In a feeling of nostalgia I decided to pick up an old online-game I had played in rough times of my late teenager years and early adulthood. And since the world is small I eventually ran into old friends there, so I sticked around and also met him.

I am 32 living in Europe and he is 22 living in the USA. I feel like mentioning our age because I know what cliché it brings along when somebody mentions gaming. The age difference was never an issue for us. I guess I’m somewhat immature for my age while he was rather mature for his.

We didn’t get into close contact for a long time. He seemed very nice to me and he had shown some interest on me by openly gushing over my voice and dropping some hints on how I would always be on skype next to gaming and voice chatting but never with him. But I spent that time talking to my back then boyfriend, so I didn’t pursue it.


Eventually we all dropped that hobby of ours and the contact pretty much broke. He would randomly message me a while later and it was obvious that we both didn’t feel very well. So we had our first deeper conversation in which I told him about how I was just ghosted and how it left me overthinking what’s wrong with me and him telling me about the difficult situation he was in chosing to throw away either his expensive education or a job offer that he had gotten (he managed to find a solution to finish his education and take the job in the end).

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