Ex gives me mixed signals and is also seeing other women.

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So my ex and I remain friends after we broke up, we went against the grain and actually have remained in very close contact. Simply because we get along so well, have a heap in common and have the same close circle of friends.

I see him pretty much every week, sometimes 2-3 per week. We laugh, we talk and we just have fun.

We were together for 5 years and our relationship ended in Feb this year. The relationship was deteriating for about 6 months before, he was pulling away in preparation to leave me, I was blindsided, I loved him, I thought it was me that was causing all the unhappiness in our relationship. He changed..allot, he became a horrible person and we had a very toxic couple of friends that interfered (they have since been long gone from both out lives).

Now, my ex has done a complete 180 a he has now become the man I fell in love with those 5 years ago, so of course I have now fallen in love with him all over again.


He gives me a hell of allot of mixed signals on how he is feeling about me, he invites me over, he is always in contact and has helped me out when I was made redundant a few months back. He becomes flirty especially after he drinks, he always makes sure I’m watching him or looking at him when he cracks a joke, you know, typical male.

But, he is also sleeping with other women. He is sleeping with a 52 year old!!!!!!! He is only 33!!! What the…

Help, I really don’t know where my head and heart is at anymore!!! /http://www.anewmode.com/

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