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Long story short my ex broke up with me a few months ago, said he needed to focus on his career and himself though he really cared about me, and I’ve only heard from him a few times since then other than him still liking all of my pictures on facebook/instagram. WELL I have Tinder so I could get my mind off of him and I logged on tonight and guess whose first profile shows up? My ex’s! He deleted his when we started dating so I know it’s a new profile. It felt like a punch in the chest. So I did a stupid thing and texted him a “hey thinking of you blah blah” (not mentioning I saw his profile) and I stupidly told him he should meet my new puppies and he agreed! Said he would love to. Now this is someone I’ve been wanting to reconcile with, so my question is am I just bat **** crazy and should just avoid him, or do I meet up with him and try for a second chance? I’m all over the place because why would someone end things with someone he thought was great (me) but then be on a dating website? And I honestly don’t think he’s a liar but don’t guys usually tell a girl straight up they don’t like her anymore?by Lexi sour :http://www.anewmode.com/

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