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Like a wind, the year 2016 is blowing away speedily. No year can come to an end without Christmas break celebration.

As you are planning for this year’s Christmas celebration, go out as a family to a wonderful tourist centre so as to renew your family commitment, family bond and revitalize your union.

Oops! Don’t be troubled about where to go; because ; I will give you a list of major tourist centres that can make your Christmas a memorable one.                                                                                        

  1. Time Square: Situated in New York City, U.S.A
  2. Trafalgar square: Located in London, U.K
  3. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom: Lake Buena Vista, FL U.S.A
  4. Niagara Falls: Ontario, Canada.
  5. National Mall& Memorial Parks- Washington, D.C, U.S.A
  6. Notre Dame de Paris – Paris, France
  7. Great wall of China- Badaling area, China
  8. Universal studios- Osaka, Japan
  9. Great Smoky Mountain National Park- Tennessee/North Carolina, U.S.A
  10. Fisherman’s Wharf/Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, CA, USA.
  11. Basilique du sacre-coeur de Montmartre- Paris, France
  12. Eiffel Tower- Paris, France
  13. Sea world florida- Orlando, FL, USA
  14. Pleasure Beach- Blackpool, England.
  15. Lotte World- Seoul, South Korea
  16. Yokohama Hakkeijima- Sea Paradise,Japan
  17. The forbidden city/ Tienanmen Square-Beijing,China
  18. Everland- Kyonggi- Do, South Africa
  19. Tate modern- London, England
  20. British Museum- London, England
  21. Centre Pompidou- Paris, France
  22. National Gallery- London, England
  23. Tivoli Gardens- Copenhagen, Denmark
  24. Burj Khalifa- Dubai, UAE
  25. The Dubai Mall – Dubai, UAE
  26. The World – Dubai, UAE
  27. Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Dubai, UAE
  28. Palm Islands – Dubai, UAE
  29. Palm Jumeirah-Dubai,UAE
  30. Wild Wadi water park- Dubai, UAE
  31. Dubai Creek-Dubai,UAE
  32. Ski Dubai-Dubai,UAE
  33. Dubai museum-Dubai,UAE
  34. The Dubai Fountain-Dubai,UAE
  35. Dubai Zoo-Dubai,Dubai,UAE
  36. Falconcity of wonders,Dubai,UAE
  37. Grand Canyon National Park- Arizona, USA
  38. The Vatican (Vatican Square) Vatican city, Rome
  39. The Coliseum- Rome, Italy
  40. Hermitage Museum- St.Petersburg, Russia
  41. Taj Mahal- Agra, India.
  42. Ocean Park- Hong Kong, China
  43. Busch Gardens- Tampa Bay, FL, U.S.A
  44. Statue of Liberty – NewYork, NY, U.S.A
  45. Grauman’s Chinese Theater- Hollywood (Los Angeles), CA, U.S.A
  46. Pyramids of Giza – Egypt
  47. Palace of Versailles- France
  48. The London Eye – London, England, UK
  49. Natural History Museum – London, England, U.K

Any of these tourist centers will make your Christmas a memorable experience as a family.

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