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Life can be harsh at times, and break ups can be painful, but you’ve got to move on.

Your ex partner has moved on, haven’t they? So… what’s holding you back? I know it’s hard, and you will take a while to move on.

There’s no happy ending when you try looking for that little ray of sunshine from your ex’s rear end. But to help you along that journey of self discovery and acceptance of the fact that there are other fishes in the sea, here are fifteen things that you should do after a break up.

How to get over a broken heart

Yeah, yeah… we all know your part of the story. You were so in love and your ex was the only person in the whole world that mattered to you. And now, your heart is split into two and you don’t think you can last a minute without that person by your side.

But have you realized something? Your sweet ‘ol mate is having fun, loads of fun.

The break-up hasn’t bothered your ex much, and they’ve moved on. If it really was mutual love till the last breath of the relationship, then why did your ex actually walk out on you? And why are you the one who seems to be suffering?

Now perhaps the break up was mutual, but most mutual break-ups don’t hurt much. So if your heart aches, then it’s probably because you’re still in love with you ex. And gasp, the love is one sided!

How to deal with a broken heart

As difficult and painful as it may seem, you still need to understand the most important fact here. You’re hurting, and you really need to move on. Fast. Here’s every single thing you need to do after a break up to ensure a speedy recovery and a quick jump into happy land.


First things first, you know you’ve broken up.


Your partner has probably told you something like “…hey, I think we can’t go on, it’s just hard. I still like you a lot though… but I’m really sorry…”

You know what, lines like these are the reason why your heart aches. Soft words make you feel like there could still be a chance for the both of you, maybe even in the far future, and you end up thinking about your old love over and over again.

What you need is a clear answer that they want to break up with you because they’ve had enough with you. Try getting those words out of their mouth, and you’d feel a lot better, even if it hurts initially. Give them an opportunity to yell that they hate you, and never want to see you in their lives again.

Believe me, that’s a better option than dancing on hot coals trying to decide if your ex partner is still in love with you or not.

#2 DON’T GET DEPRESSED                                         

Logical thought, this one. Music has a huge amount of control over human emotions, and there are few things that can immediately change a person’s mood as effectively as music. If a sad song comes on the radio, change the song to a more upbeat one. If a song that was special to you and your ex comes on, turn it off or throw the player out of your window.

You mind find some weird sort of satisfaction by making yourself sad, but that’s really stupid. Grow up and learn to control your emotions, however hard it may seem. Force yourself to listen to fun, exhilarating music instead of sad, sappy ones. Now that’s a good way to start the healing.


No alcohol at all. It’s easy to drown your sorrows in deep colored intoxicating liquids. It may help you forget your ex for a few hours, or you may even end up crying over it with the bottle in your hands.

But the worst part comes in the morning, when you get up with a splitting headache, a lousy feeling in your stomach, depressions, and a totally miserable and painful heartache. This will only make you feel worse and helpless, and right now, you need to feel like you’re in total control of your life.


After your true undying love has come to an end, you have to break all contact with your ex or you will go mad. Don’t beg or cry. Don’t drunk-dial. Don’t write them mushy e-mail. Don’t spend all day reading their facebook pages. Don’t dedicate a song to your ex on the radio, in an effort to woo them back. Get the picture?

Your ex will find you if they want to. And even if you can talk your way back into your ex’s arms, it’s only a temporary reprieve. The worst part is that your ex already knows you want them back, and they don’t care about it. Take that as a sign, and walk away for good.


Don’t stray into your ex’s territory. You wouldn’t be welcome, and if you find your ex having a great time there, that would only make you feel terrible. Find new places to hang out in, and new memories to keep your mind occupied.

Make a few new friends if you have to, anything to stop you from thinking about painful memories. If any of your friends insist on maintaining contact with your ex, you may have to shut them out too, at least temporarily.

After some time has passed, when you feel you’re ready to move on, you can go back to living normally, and that means hanging out at these places and reconnecting with your mutual friends.


We all need time by ourselves after a traumatic event, but whatever you do, don’t let yourself be alone for too long. Surrounding yourself with people again, whether it’s friends, family or co-workers, will help immensely in getting over a broken heart. It may be difficult at first, but force yourself to be with people after you’ve spent an appropriate amount of time alone. This is the best thing that can help you overcome your pain.

Knowing how to get over a broken heart isn’t difficult, but doing the right thing to heal a broken heart is what matters. If you really want to get over a broken heart, make sure you don’t skip any of these points.



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