He disappeared after sex and I am hurting, pls what can i do?

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I feel so stupid even posting here:

I met this guy online 2 months ago and I slept with him on our 4th date, he is attentive and caring during the first 2 months and I thought he really liked me. We communicated before as to what we are looking for online very early on and we both were looking for something meaningful and long term, so I thought we are on the same page when it comes to dating(I made sure that and asked him explicitly).

I know I probably shouldn’t sleep with him without entering into a relationship with him and I should know better at this point, but I did not have a good judgement at that time and thought we are fine since we are on the same page and really liked each other. Now I felt used and hurt and there is no excuse for what I did.

We had sex on last Saturday and we continued to text till Tuesday and I could feel that he was less involved as he kept telling me he was so busy at work and might not be able to meet this weekend when I was hinting on it. And nothing since Tuesday, I waited till Friday and sent him a text asking how’s his work since he was complaining it and asked what his plans are for this weekend, he got back to me 4 hrs later saying “sorry! I am heading back to upstate this weekend”. I said ok have fun at home and he never replied. Nothing ever since. He would usually almost always reply no matter what I sent.


I know he is not interested anymore but I just have such a hard time accepting it (probably cus my bruised ego) and also because I really thought he liked me. I felt like a fool.

I certainly won’t reach out again and will cut my loss and move on with my life. But I feel really hurt right now and am looking for some support on here.

Please don’t scold or judge, my friends have already done that. I just really need some support and feel so disappointed.http://www.anewmode.com/

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