Help: My husband has impregnated our housemaid. How do I punish him for this?

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Help: My husband has impregnated our housemaid. How do I punish him for this?

My name is Keji, a 28-year-old married woman with a kid. I have been married to Daniel for four years now but at the moment, all I have in my mind is how to make him suffer for what he did to me.

 I will not say I am a perfect woman but I have been a good wife to my husband, at least I have not shirked in my responsibilities. So I wonder where I went wrong for him to behave in such manner.

 As a career woman, I realized it would be practically impossible to always be at home to prepare my husband’s meals, so with his agreement, I employed a maid to help with the cooking and taking care of the house and our baby.

 Daniel had made it clear that since wanted to employ a maid, I would be the one paying her and I have been taking care of that all alone.

So I went ahead to get Ngozi, a 19-year-old girl who has been very helpful around the house, preparing the meals whenever I was not around and taking care of our child.

 I must confess here that I must have gotten careless because I practically depended so much on Ngozi because she did almost all the cooking even when I was at home.

 The first sign that I was courting trouble was when Daniel started buying things for Ngozi whenever he was out of town. I once saw a set of sexy lingerie he bought for her and when I questioned him, he said he did not see anything wrong in that as he saw her as a member of the family.

 There were times my three-year-old daughter would tell me that her daddy took her and Ngozi to the eatery and bought them snacks but I did not see anything into it till I noticed Ngozi become fatter, lazy and dull.

 At first, I thought she had malaria and bought her drugs but when the symptoms persisted, I took her for a medical check-up and the result came out that she was three months pregnant.

 I tried all I could to get her to tell me who was responsible but she refused and when I told my husband, he just said I should leave her alone and that at the right time, she would open up.

 However, he insisted that I should not send her packing. The truth was laid bare when I invited the woman who introduced Ngozi to me and in the presence of my husband, she confessed that he was the one who got her pregnant.

 I expected Daniel to profess his innocence but he accepted responsibility for the pregnancy and insisted that Ngozi must keep the baby.

 I went mad and after raving for days, I packed out of our house to my sister’s place hoping my husband would come to his senses but he has kept to his words.

I am not contemplating leaving my husband either would I want to live in the same house with my maid as my rival but I am really hoping to punish Daniel for what he did but I am not sure what punishment would be adequate for him.




Please advise me or am I in anyway guilty of this?

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