Help: My husband wants me to dump my job and become a full-time house wife. I’m confused

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My name is Blessing and I am an banker. I have been married for four years but as it stands, I think my marriage is heading for the rocks because of my husband’s stance that I must abandon a job I have nurtured for so many years and now that I am about to reap the benefits, he wants me to dump it and become a full time housewife.


My anger with my husband, Paul, is that he met me as an banker and before we got married, we had talked about my job and he told me he has no problem with that and assured me that I would still continue after we got married.


But now, he tells me that his family and friends are not comfortable that his wife is in the banking industry, that they see female bankers as prostitutes and wayward and that I always go out early and also return late. But I can swear that the assertion is not true. There are wayward women in every profession and since I got married, I have not given Paul any cause to doubt my faithfulness.


I have tried to let him see reasons why I should continued with the profession that has been part of my life from childhood but he has given me an ultimatum: either abandon the job or I leave his house.


I am very confused and don’t know what to do.




Dear parliamentarians, let help this young lady with our useful advice.


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