Helped: I’m married but still in love with my Ex. What should I do?

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Helped: I’m married but still in love with my Ex. What should I do?

My name is Tina, a 27-year-old married woman. I must state here that my parents forced me to marry Joshua who is the son of a family friend and my dad’s business partner.


I had to obey my parents but deep down, I knew I would not be a happy woman because I was madly in love with my ex-boyfriend, Daniel and wanted to spend my life with him.

Right from day one, my parents, especially dad, did not accept Daniel when I took him home to introduce to them.


I remember clearly that after Daniel left, my dad called me into his study and told me in clear terms that he would never give his blessings for Daniel to marry me, adding that he had an agreement with his friend that Joshua would marry me when he got back to Nigeria from America where was based.


I fought my parents, threw tantrums, cajoled them and even reported them to elders in the family but they stood their ground and in the end, I was married off to Joshua.

We have been married for three years now but I have never known happiness for one day and even when Joshua is making love to me, I always visualize Daniel on top of me.

Joshua knows my situation and has tried his best to make me love him but I still cannot bring myself to loving another man apart from Daniel.


I keep thinking about him and once in a while, I sneak out of the house to meet Daniel for sex and at such times, I feel like not going back to my husband.

Daniel has mooted the idea of our running away to Europe where we could get married but I know my parents would disown me if I ever do that.




Dear parliamentarians, please let advice this young lady on what to do.


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