Hidden causes of infertility in men and women….must read for couples in marriage

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Hidden causes of infertility in men and women….must read for couples in marriage


An important thing to remember about whose “fault” it is if you can’t get pregnant: “In about 40% of the cases [of infertility], the problem resides in the woman, and in 40%, the problem is in the man’s reproductive system,” says obstetrician, gynecologist and fertility experts “The rest of the time there may be a problem with both the man and the woman.” The most common causes of infertility are equally male and female based. So, if you’re searching for reasons you can’t get pregnant, makes sure you look at both the man and the woman.

Try to avoid personal blogs, because one person’s experience with infertility isn’t representative of an entire population.
And, don’t let your reading cause you to feel anxious or stressed! I know you want to get pregnant and you’re eager to start your family. But, if you succumb to anxiety and fear, you will only make it more difficult and stressful to get pregnant.

Here are a variety of possible causes of infertility for Women:

1) Age – fertility decreases after age 30, decreases more after 35, and practically plummets after age 40.

2) Underweight or overweight – women with Body Mass Indexes over 30 and under 20 are less likely to get pregnant. Ideal BMI is between 20 and 30.

3) Hormonal changes – some health problems cause hormonal changes, which can cause decreased fertility or infertility.

4) Miscarriages – the more miscarriages a woman has, the less likely she may be to get pregnant

5) Sexually transmitted diseases – can affect a woman’s reproductive system.

6) Fibroids or endometriosis – depending on how advanced the disease is.

7)Pelvic inflammatory disease – can cause problems for women who can’t get pregnant

Common Causes of Infertility for Men:

1) Age – but a woman’s age affects her ability to get pregnant more than a man’s age.

2) Warm temperatures for testes – laptop computers and “tighty whities” (close fitting underwear) can affect sperm production, motility, and count.

3) Prescription medications – can affect sperm and prevent pregnancy.

4) Testicular abnormalities – such as varicocoeles can damage or eliminate sperm

Causes of Infertility for Both Men and Women:

1) Environmental toxins – pesticides, lead, and even common household cleansers can contribute to problems getting pregnant.

2) Career stress – can lead to physical and emotional problems getting pregnant.

3) Recreational drug use

4) Poor diet, no exercise

5) Radiation treatments for cancer

6) Smoking – does not increase fertility and can be a cause of infertility for men and women

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