Hidden Things about Men Which Most Women Don’t Know

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Have you ever wondered what dating and relationships are like for men? Many women believe that the dating game is easy for men as they seem to hold all the cards in a relationship. Believe it or not, men are also vulnerable when it comes to relationships and can go through similar things that women do when dating. Understanding the issues men face in relationships can help bring you closer to your significant other, or help make things easier for you while dating. Here are 7 things about men that many women may not know about.

  1. Men are given mixed signals from a young age about what women want

Men are given plenty of advice since are boys and a lot of the advice can be self-contradictory. They get mixed messages from their friends, parents, the media, and even other girls. This can confuse young men as they have to figure it out themselves. The confusion can make dating and relationships seem even more intimidating for those without experience!



  1. Men are heavily pressured by society


Boys are often pressured by their peers to date or flirt with girls before they are ready to do so. Men with lots of girlfriends are seen as heroes while those who are shy and don’t date much are seen as less than a man. Men feel ashamed of themselves if they can’t attract a woman. They also have to make the first move when dating, which means they have to risk rejection more than women.



  1. Men think women have it easy


Many men believe that all a woman needs in the dating game are her looks. They believe all a woman has to do is get dolled up to find the perfect date. They won’t see a woman surrounded by creepers at a bar, they see a pretty woman surrounded by suitors…which makes them think “Women have it really easy.”



  1. Men aren’t very intuitive

Men can’t read minds or social cues as well as women. They aren’t very good at reading body language or taking hints either. If you want something from a man, ask him directly, as hinting will get things nowhere. As always, communication is vital in dating and relationships.



  1. Men risk rejection more than women


Social convention usually dictates that men make a move if they are interested in someone. This means that they are open to rejection much more than women. It takes a great deal of confidence to put one’s self out there. This can make things difficult for men who lack confidence or charisma. Next time, the guy you like seems hesitant when asking you out, help him out by taking the lead.



  1. Men cannot get attention easily


It’s pretty easy for a woman to get a date, a compliment or romantic attention. This can be seen by the responses on a woman’s Tinder profile or even a simple post on social media. Most women have the security of understanding that male attention is available-should she want it. She has the power to accept or reject a man’s advances. However, the same doesn’t always apply to men. Men rarely get attention from women, especially if they aren’t especially confident or handsome. Even when they are dating or married, men rarely get romantic attention or compliments, as they are expected to give the compliments and/or attention.


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