Him being insensitive and being over sensitive?

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I went over to bf’s last night. I was cooking dinner when he came back from work. I was joyful to see him. I hadn’t seen him for two days it felt like two weeks. We chatted and he told me about his outing the night before. He said he went out drinking with Mark his boss and Mark’s gf (whom he never met before) and they drunk until midnight. ‘People just adore me when they first meet me.’ He said with a mirth. I frowned and asked ,’ Are you indicating that Mark’s gf adores you?’ He said in a pleasing tone, ‘yes she adores me.’ I was quite surprised and asked, ‘what makes you think so?’ He said ,’ we just get along really well….. She knows more movies that I don’t know and she’s going to send me some links.’ I didn’t ask more questions.

Then we sat down for dinner. He went on talking about how much fun he had last night, how much they laughed and how Mark’s gf insisted they all went over to her place. ‘Mark’s got a cool gf.’ He said.

My mood just turned foul at this point. I know that my bf is quite popular with women. He has quite a few women friends and I only have female friends (nowadays that is. When I was younger I used to have more male friends). I never worry about his popularity but when he talked about his boss’s gf in such an enthusiastic way, it made me feel uneasy.

I fell quiet, contemplating about it, wondering if I was being over-sensitive, or he was being insensitive. After dinner he went upstairs to watch TV and I hid in the bedroom just feeling want to be alone. After a while he came in and asked me what went wrong, because usually I am a bubbly and happy person. I couldn’t help but telling the truth — how I felt uneasy. He laughed and said, ‘ You have nothing to worry honey. I love you and only you.’


I was soothed by his sweet words and became happy again. We hugged and he teased me, ‘self-confidence restored?’ I was almost embarrassed. I don’t want him to think that I’m lacking in confidence but maybe he’s already thinking so now.

The next morning I left his place. Later in the day I got a message from him saying, ‘thinking of you my love.’ Somehow I still felt uneasy about what happened the night before. I worry that now he’s thinking that I’m an unsecure woman.

But I don’t know. Was I insecure and over sensitive, or was he being insensitive by voicing his enthusiasm for his boss’s gf whom he met the night before? by Winter sour:http://www.anewmode.com/

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