How To Prepare Nigerian Oha Soup That Will Keep Your Husband

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Oha soup is a standard dish for the South East elements of Nigeria. It`s like the bitter leaf soup, nevertheless the crucial facet of Oha soup menu is the Ora lives. Ora leaves make the soup very special because they’re seasonal, unlike the bitter leaf which you can find all the complete year around.

Hot to get Oha Soup ready
It`s almost astounding that one particular component can make very much difference in the soup. Nevertheless, it`s true; the Ora leaves can totally change the tastes of the soup.

Oha Soup Ingredients:
*. One teaspoon of Ogiri Igbo
*. Two Stock Cubes
*. Crayfish, salt and Chilli pepper to taste
*. Stock Fish or Dry Fish
*. Assorted beef
*. Three cooking spoons of Red Palm Oil
*. Eight Small corms cocoyam
*. Ora Leaves

Preparation of Oha Leaves:
*. Oha is a unique vegetable that can`t be substituted in the Oha soup recipe.
*. If you don`t have cocoyam corms, then you can substitute it with cocoyam flour or potato flour.
*. Ogiri Igbo is optional in this recipe. Still, it adds the traditional taste to Oha Soup!

Set up your cooking:
*. Grind Chili pepper and crayfish in the separate bowl.
*. Wash and Boil the Cocoyam until it`s soft. The Corms should be pound into the paste.
*. Cut Ora leaves into tiny pieces with your fingers!

Oha soup cooking directions:
*. Boil the cow tripe (shaki).
*. Stockfish and dry it in the one litre of water.
*. Wash the Beef and add it to the pot with the cow tripe. When the meat is done, you can add two stock cubes and continue cooking for five minutes.
*. Add the Cray Fish, Ogiri Igbo and Chili pepper and cook for ten minutes.
*. Add the cocoyam paste and palm oil.
*. Cover the pot and cook the soup until the cocoyam paste vanishes. You can add more water if the soup is too thick.
*. Add Ora leaves and cook for five minutes.
*. Add salt to taste.
*. The Oha soup is ready!
*. You can serve it with Pounded Yam, Amala, Semolina Fufu, Gari or Cassava Fufu.

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