How to succeed in life

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How to succeed in life



Success is the achievement of specific goals, and planning is a fundamental key to our success. Therefore, where there is no goal, there cannot be success. The lack of goals is responsible for most of the frustration, confusion and boredom in the world today.

People with goals and plans succeed in life, while people without them fail. People without goals restlessly wander through life looking for what they cannot explain. They are frustrated, confused and filled with anxiety. Unfortunately, they do not understand why Robert Schuller, author and pastor once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Can you imagine yourself constructing a house without a plan? That would not be a house, it will be a coffin. Our lives are like buildings. We must have a blueprint if we will construct a thing of beauty.

Numerous studies have shown that only 3 per cent of all the people who have goals and plans write them down. Another 10 per cent have goals and plans but keep them in their heads. The remaining 87 per cent drift through life without a definite direction.

Now, it has also been discovered that the 3 per cent who have goals and plans written down accomplish between fifty to one hundred times more during their life time than the 10 per cent who have goals and just keep them in their heads. So decide today to be part of the people who plan to succeed.

Do not make small plans. When you expect God to help you, you must make the kind of plans that really require God’s help. Make plans that cause your blood to flow in your veins, plans that excite you. Ted Engstrom, an author once said; “If you aim at a star, you will hit an eagle. But if you aim at an eagle you will hit a stone.”

However, do not let your plans be so big that they overwhelm and confuse you. Let your plans have specific deadlines.

Now, read and pray over your goals every day. Establish a step by step plan for achieving them. Then make a move and God will move on your behalf.

Remember, you cannot succeed without planning to succeed!

You will Succeed!

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