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I discovered my husband is very close to his mum very early in our courtship days, but I never bargain for what I have been witnessing in the last few weeks.
    My mother in law lives not too far from our house and she is a very loving woman, a mother in law any woman will dream to have. She is very rich, a single mother of three, two girls and one boy.
       She lost her husband very early in life, to me that was why she was very close to my husband the only boy of the family and the first born.
     She comes frequently to our house, sleeps over a time, takes good care of me in pregnancy and is so fond of her grandchildren, who fondly call her Sisi grand ma, because of her youthfulness and beauty.
   Few weeks ago my husband was at home alone as I went to work he was on leave.
   When I came back I perceive the odor of sperm in our master bedroom, and i try to check my bed sheet which I laid on the bed that morning and notice stains of semen. I became curios and afraid. My fear was that may be my husband is sleeping with another girl or masturbating.
   I quickly began to suspect a particular lady near our house, but I decided to play it cool without making may husband to suspect anything.
    Since he was still on leave, I made arrangement for a secret camera to be placed in our house, which was place by an expert in light bulbs in every room in my house and I began to monitor it as they linked it remotely to my phone so I can watch what happen without touching the bulb, it was very expensive but I have to do it to protect my marriage.
    My thought was that immediately I have facts the first person to contact will be my mother in law, but the trap I set for rat ended up catching a snake and it caught me napping.
   What I witnessed yesterday shocked me. When I opened the channel for the recording, I can only watch it for few minutes, it is my mother in law I saw my husband sleeping with, they even bath together and do it with joyfully with careless abandon, it is obvious they’ve been doing it for long, they were too comfortable.
Now that I have known the truth, I wish I never knew because I don’t know what to do with it. I am totally confused and perplexed, let somebody help me, before I hurt myself, I have lost my appetite, hate my husband with a passion, feel like killing him and his mother, I certainly need help.

(My husband reads your blog, this is a family top secret, I wish he reads this and ask me)

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