Important things you should know about LOVE

Updated on March 5, 2017 in Relationship issues
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The false element of love is:
• Love is not base at first sight
• Love is not sexual urge

• Love is not based on beauty and wealth
• Love cannot come from immature mind
• Love is not in hast
• Love s not envious
• Love is no without control
• Love does not come from an ungrateful mind
• Love does not rejoice in iniquity
• Love does not seek to glorify it self
• Love does not dishonor marriage
Games singles should avoid:
• Having a relationship with an unbeliever all in the name of converting him/her
• Close friendship that keeps others from proposing
• To accept gift and pretend not to know the givers intention
• To assume you are in a relationship with someone without formal approval
• To delay proposal all in the name of praying for selfish reasons
• To deliberately cover for an unbeliever from your pastor all in the name of love
• Satisfying your sexual appetite by yourself through masturbation
• To have a pure relationship with a believer and a sex relationship with an unbeliever at the same time
• To be in multiple relationship with the mind of picking one of them to marry
Beware games players always lose at the end.

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