Jealous Husband Punish Wife In A Strange Way…This is difficult to believe

Updated on February 2, 2017 in Marriage Problems
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Husband Hacks Off Wife’s Ears After Accusing Her Of Speaking To Other Men. Photos

A former child bride has had her ears hacked off by her husband after he accused her of speaking to other men. Zarina from Afghanistan got married at the age of 13 and her husband is on the run having attacked her. The couple were sleeping at their home in the northern province of Balkh when he suddenly woke her up, bound her and mutilated her.


Having suffered the beating, she told the BBC: ‘I haven’t committed any sin. ‘I don’t know why my husband did this to me.’


Zarina said her husband had tried to stop her from seeing her parents, and that she wanted to divorce him. ‘He is a very suspicious man and often accused me of talking to strange men when I went to visit my parents,’ she told Tolo News. 

-National Helm
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