Lady removed baby from womb,saying its disturbing her….what her husband did will shock you

Updated on November 3, 2016 in Marriage Problems
2 on November 3, 2016

Lady removed baby from her womb says its disturbing her…..what her husband did will shock you My wife has been complaining about the unborn baby since the pregnancy was 2 months old that the baby is disturbing her tummy and I always tell her that everything will be fine once she deliver and moreover maybe it’s because that was her first experience. But I was shocked last week when I returned from a week journey only to see my wife’s belly flat . When I asked her what has happened to the 4 months pregnancy? Her answer was so shocking and it sounds stupid. “I removed it because it was disturbing my system and I can’t endure it any longer” that was her reply. I was so mad at her but I didn’t touch(beat) her. So ,the next day I asked her to pack her things and leave. But to my surprise; her parents came the next day and started threatening me that if I refused to take her back, I should be preparing for the unspeakable that will happen to me. I don’t know what to do now, please advice me As Mr. Adeoye narrated his story. Dear parliamentarians lets advice this young man and help him to save his home.

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