Major Causes Of Divorce Revealed…S*x, Money, In-Laws & Manipulations

Updated on January 15, 2017 in Family Life
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Relationship expert and life coach, Leke Alder said marriages break down a lot these days due to cultural differences, in-laws’ influences and interference, un-forgiveness, money, s*x.

The seasoned relationship expert was one of the speakers at the 4th edition of Mind the Gap X in December, alongside other seasoned relationship and marriage counsellors such as Fela and Tara Durotoye, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva, Pastor Bolaji, etc.

According to Leke Alder, major causes of divorce include money issues, manipulative tendencies, clash of cultural philosophies, emotional and physical abuse, in-laws.

Patricia Uyeh of Allure quoted him as saying:
”For men, two problems seem to stand out from the list. Men are particularly prone to money and s*x problems. When men don’t have money, they begin to malfunction in marriage. They become irritable and extra-sensitive.

“As per s*x in marriage, the make up of [a] man is such that denial makes him prone to alternative sources of supply.”

According to the author and popular consultant, that is not a justification for male indiscretions but “It’s just a statement of fact.”

He added that marriages with manipulative tendencies, lack of cooperation and influences of the in-laws are prone to collapse.


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