Need advice badly about a man pulling back all of a sudden

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I know men do this pulling back thing but normally it slowly gets less and you can sense he’s pulling back. Not in my case. I’m going absolutely crazy.
so we met in June and have been dating for only two months now.we saw each other only the weekends from Friday to sunday as he lives 3 hours from me. But these two months were very intense. He has been the sweetest, caring, most generous, loving sweetheart and we had an amazing chemistry. He brought me presents every time we saw each other (AND he had to drive 3 hours to see me ) took me out to nice restaurants etc. During the week endless calls, messages, always telling me what he’d been up to and asking me about my day,telling me how much he liked me that he missed me and saying that I made him happy and gave him back the smile he once lost. He was very open and upfront about his feelings from the beginning and he was the one telling me that he was hoping that it would turn into a stable relationship. He made future plans,like planning vacations together etc.
so,to land the plane, after we spend the last weekend together he left on sunday and everything was just like always.. the next four days still everything went normal. Messages,calls etc. Suturday morning I received the last good morning message from him. I know it’s only been not even 3 days… BUT when we used to talk all day long every single day for the past two months… obviously he is totally pulling back. And as I know when a man pulls back the worst thing to do is pressure him or blowing up his phone and chase him,I stayed quiet. I only sent one message on Sunday just saying have a good day. but no reaction at all. NOTHING. I mean is this really the pulling back thing ?the questions about what I’ve possibly done wrong are eating my brain. Please help…..

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