Parrot Exposed A Cheating Husband…..What Happen Next Will Shock You

Updated on October 28, 2016 in Marriage Problems
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Adulterers and cheaters are not safe these days especially in the presence of a parrot.This was the case of a couple where the husband flirt with their maid and the secret affair was revealed by their parrot as reported by Fox News.Read below: 

A parrot let slip his owner’s affair with the housekeeper – in front of his wife.

The bird first ruffled feathers when it began repeating flirty conversations between the man and his lover – arousing suspicion with his wife.


According to Al Shahed Daily, the woman had wondered about her husband’s relationship with their maid, but the pet gave her the evidence she needed.

As adultery is illegal in Kuwait, the enraged wife headed straight to the police station – with her parrot in tow – to report the love affair.

If the bird’s evidence had been used, he could have faced a jail sentence for his indiscretion.

But luckily for the philanderer, cops rejected it.

They argued the bird could have overheard the flirty banter on the TV or radio.

It’s not the first time a parrot has allegedly exposed a secret love affair.

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