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Phases of love making are a thrilling and exciting way of how our body functions before, during and after love making. They are divided into four ways by sex experts. They are:

  1. Excitement phase: This is caused by a combination of factors, namely, mood setting, touching of the erogenous zones, physical, mental and emotional arousal through sensational stimulation that involves a lot of activities.

            Male arousal is easily noticed as it can be observed through a bugle in the man’s trouser which reflects an erected penis, but that of a woman is more difficult to notice as it is through vagina lubrication which is not easy to notice. Vagina secretion has a saliva odour and look like a bead of saliva and it comes out of vagina wall during arousal.

            Also, during excitement, women nipples do become erect, centered, making the breast to look bigger and sexy; the male nipples do also become erect. The centre lips of the vulva do become wet. While the inner lips do become enlarge, creating a room for the penis to travel down the vagina without any hindrance. Changes are also noticeable in the clitoris, as it becomes enlarged to about three times its normal size, but this occurs under the clitoris hood.

            Scrotum of the man becomes thicken and its sac becomes elevated while sex flush can also be noticed in both man and the woman and heartbeat rate and blood pressure increases.


  1. 2. The pleasure phase: This is the second phase in love making and it is the most enjoyable and longest of the phases. As foreplay is added to the mood stage continuously, excitement builds up to pleasure level, as the foreplay goes from steaming zone to fire zone, excitement mount the more, making the inner part of the vagina to expand the more and outer part becomes longer, allowing the penis to have a firmer friction on the penis during intercourse.

            In this phase, the penis becomes fuller, rock solid, and the head, deeper colour, looking more beautiful. Semen can be carried out of the “eye” of the penis which may contain sperm. Both the man and the woman will have involuntary muscle interactions and increase blood flow into the breast, with sex flush on the upper torso, neck, face and sexual excitement continue to grow as the man use his penis to thrust his wife’s vagina, and caressing, kissing and stimulation continues.

  1. The orgasmic phase: This is the final phase, the climax. It is the time of actual release, a time of top enjoyment.

            At orgasmic stage, the man ejaculates and the woman reach her peak. With the orgasm come heavy breathing, heart rate and blood pressure increases involuntarily ditto contraction of the muscles of the arms, legs, pelvis and back.

  1. The resolution phase: After the orgasm, the tension in the body comes down to its original state, sex flush disappear, and heart, blood pressure and breathing becomes normal.

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