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  • Bisi Adewale

A new session of the COLLEGE OF MARITAL SUCCESS is starting and there can not be a better place for you to go as it doesn’t interfere with your weekly schedule because it is a weekend programme; where you will learn a lot of things that will impact your generation and the generations yet unborn. Here I will itemize ‘JUST’ ten reasons why you must not miss the rare opportunity to unlearn, learn and relearn.

  1. It is an avenue where everybody; both singles and married will learn general principles about life in accordance with biblical injunctions. How to build a healthy personal relationship, relationship with others and then character building.
  2. It is an avenue for singles/youths to start early in learning about how to live right in order to attract a godly man or woman if you are not yet in a relationship.
  3. It is a platform where singles who are already engaged can get information on how to stay pure in courtship, have a glorious wedding and then enjoy God’s mercy in marriage.
  4. It is an opportunity for you to know what to do before getting pregnant as a newlywed, what to do in pregnancy without affecting your marriage obligations
  5. It is a place where you will learn how to manage the relationship between you and your husband even after having your baby


6.It is a place where the love on the altar of your marriage can keep growing through the seasoned lectures you will be given

7. It is a place where even troubled marriages can be restored back to the original love they started with

8. It is a place where you will get new skills on what to do in managing your in-laws peacefully

9. It is a place where parents can learn new skills on parenting. If you already have a child you don’t                even know how to handle be sure to have answers to ways to raise new breed of good, great and  godly children

10. Above all, like I said earlier, in this school you will learn what will be useful for your personal use,                   family use, community use and above all this experience can turn you to a marriage counselor that  will affect na

New session will commence on 11th of February 2017. Just for 6 Saturdays. The venue is 37B Ladipo Kasumu Street, Off Bisi Ogabi street, Awolowo Road, Ikeja, Lagos. By 8:30.

For more info: call 08056457013 or send mail: collegeofmaritalsuccess@yahoo.com




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