Things Every Man is expecting to see in their Wives

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-By Oba Samuel

If marriage must be full of love, joy, harmony and romance, a wife must know what her husband love and give it to him without coercion. Not knowing what a man really wants will make the marriage difficult. This piece is to expose to wives what their men really love:

  1. Respect-Ranked number one among all the needs of husbands is respect! Respect is to man as what oxygen is to the body. Men want respect especially from their wives and they can do anything to get it. He wants to be treated with respect in conversation, while serving his food, before his friends, family and before the children. You have not respected him until he feels respected. When you respect him, he will love you irrevocably and you will be able to influence him.
  2. Homeliness-Every husband want their wife to be homely. They want to come back daily to meet their wives at home. It’s odious to them when their wives travels or engage in a job or business that takes them away from their husband and children. This is one of the major reason some men prefer their wives to be a full-time house wife. As a wife, be homely and your husband will be loving and caring.
  3. Praise-‘’ As the refining pot for silver, and the furnace for gold;so is a man to hispraise’’.Prov.27:21 .Men love to be hero-worshiped. His ego can only be massaged through quality praise and appreciation. You will get a soft spot in his heart if you can appreciate his gifts, talents, achievements, contributions, gifts given to you, his look and stature. This will make him feel happy and love you the more.
  4. Touching-Men enjoying touching and non-sexual touching of their wives. Whenever a man comes around his wife after a long absence, his desire is to feel his heartthrob through touch. But most times, wives normally avoid this making thinking that the man is not just looking for touch but sex. Let touching be in two ways-as your husband his touching your hair, backside, boobs; touch him too. This will increase the level of intimacy in your marriage.
  5. Sex-All wives should know that men love sex and they can’t do without it. One major duty of every wife is to satisfy her husband sexually. You can’t win and keep your husband to yourself only if you hate sex. Sexual denial will expose your husband to sexual infidelity. A man with unfulfilled libido is liable to strange women’s trap. Give sex to your husband willingly and he will love.

Oba Samuel is a relationship and family counselor. Connect me on twitter@PastorOba

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