Things you should know about your wife’s heart

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Things you should know about your wife’s heart

As a husband, it is not just my role to work and provide for my wife; I am also tasked by God to explore my wife’s heart and assist in leading her to living out her hearts desires. I don’t do this on my own though, I do this mainly by faith and intentional effort. In other words, I need to be actively asking God and praying that he shows me how to take care of my wife’s heart. I must be actively looking for an understanding of it by watching her and learning tips from strong marriages that have gone before us.

Tending to my wife’s heart is really two-fold act on my part. It requires me to learn what her needs are and strive to meet them every day. This would include “female specific” things such as loving, cherishing, pursuing, nourishing, embracing, etc. And on the other side of the spectrum, I must be working to live out my “male specific” things in the relationship such as strength, support, reason, security, direction and leadership.

When it comes to loving your wife well, to keeping her spirit alive; you must provide both masculine and feminine support. Simply put, the husband who chooses to live by only one or the other won’t provide the necessary strength to make his marriage survive and thrive.

“It’s easier said than done.” Well, I know that might be what you’re thinking, but it’s really not. If you’re a husband who made vows to a wonderful woman, than you made a choice to figure this out. You made a choice to change your entire way of thinking in order to LOVE this woman to the best of your ability!

I’m not saying you forget how to be a man; I’m saying you learn how to become a stronger man by living out your strengths and learning hers. In a sense, you are still a lion, but you must learn the strengths of the lamb. 

The Strength of Your Nature 

I’m a builder. I’m a slow and thoughtful decision maker. I’m problem solver. I’m typically not emotional. I work in harsh, fast and typically male environments. I work a lot and typically have a hard time stopping.



The paragraph above explains me. It not only tells you what I am interested in, but it also provides you with an in-depth look into my heart. Some of the things might sound bad to you, or some of them might relate directly to you. It depends on the strengths of your own heart.


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