Unbelievable: Identical twin brothers help a woman deliver her babies

Updated on November 12, 2016 in LifeStyle
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Wonders shall never end! There are so many kind people in this world; people who understand the commandment that says ‘be your brother’s keeper’ and do everything they could to help those who are in need.

If you have ever had the chance to be with a woman in labour, life will have a new meaning to you. You will also understand what it means to be in intense pain because of the new life about to be born.

Women go through a lot when it comes to carrying a pregnancy through; as much as couples look forward to having children, they have to be very careful in order for the woman not to develop complications.

The identical twin brothers in this post are paramedics with good hearts. Dior and Dean Witkoei are 28-year-old brothers who helped a woman deliver her twin babies in Alabama, South Africa.

According to the reports, The twin brothers were off duty and were relaxing when they had an unexpected guest. A man living in their street called unto them for help as his wife was in labour. By the time they got to the man’s place, the pregnant woman was already in labour and ready to have her babies.

The identical twin brothers discovered it was too late to take the woman to the hospital. They settled down quickly and helped the woman in pains. After a while, a set of twin baby girls were delivered.

An ambulance was called and the new born babies were taken to the hospital where they were examined and admitted. The identical twin brothers consider the delivery a miracle since it is something that does not happen everyday.

They are proud of themselves and cannot get over the euphoria of helping someone bring her babies to this world. It is amazing to know that there are so many kind-hearted men in our society now. There are men who understands what women go through when they are pregnant.

In Nigeria, a BRT driver also helped a woman on queue deliver her bay. The world will simply be a better place if we have more of these men in our society.

Source: https://www.naij.com/1045559-see-identical-twin-brothers-helped-woman-deliver-babies.html
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