Valentine’s Day: Love in a recession what a great exprience

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Valentine’s Day: Love in a recession what a great exprience

(By Ojo Oluwasegun)

Love in a recession and the pressure to deliver

This year guys will be more pressurized to deliver as the recession plays a deciding factor.

It’s a days to Valentine’s Day and many men are sweating buckets.


The pressure to deliver for men in relationships doesn’t get any more real than on Valentine’s Day- a day created in honour of a saint but hijacked by greedy corporations.


The pressure is much more intensified in Nigeria where most relationships are transactional in nature. I entered a commercial bus once and I overheard a lady tell her friend who was beside her that she was going to start a fight with her boyfriend if he doesn’t give her money to fix her hair.

That was an audio snapshot of most love relationships in Nigeria. When Valentine’s Day comes around these relationships are evaluated based on the gifts given.


What makes this Valentine’s Day worse is because of the recession Nigeria is in. The economy is in a bad shape and the price of goods and commodities have doubled and in some cases tripled.

The standard chocolate and teddy bear wouldn’t have broken the bank of an average guy but in 2017 you might frown a little when you see your debit alert on your phone.


Some men might not be able to afford to take babe out on Val’s Day. It’s not his fault, it’s the recession but the expectation is that you must deliver no matter what the Naira to Dollar rate is. Love is no respecter of Nigeria’s economy.


Times are hard but love isn’t essentially easy in these parts. When you tell a Nigerian babe that you love her, you already owe her money. This may sound funny and also hilariously extreme, but there is some truth to it.

Valentine’s Day is judgement day for many relationships. If the gift gotten by the guy (let’s not front it is usually the guy) doesn’t match up to his babe’s expectations then there is trouble in the Garden of Eden. If you are lucky, then hey let’s just say it’s going down that night.


It’s ironic that love which is meant to be timeless is judged on one particular day.


This Val’s Day a lot of hearts will be broken and relationships will be called off thanks to the recession that won’t allow men deliver as usual.


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