Woman Who Sacrificed Her Breasts To Beat Cancer Celebrates Mastectomy In Style.Photos

Updated on January 31, 2017 in Family Life
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A mastectomy patient waved goodbye to her old breasts and welcomed new ones by throwing a BOOB party. Sally Chapman, 29, from Hinckley, Leicestershire, discovered she was a carrier of the lethal gene BRCA that increases the chance of developing a fatal cancer in 2012.

After recognising her family’s cursed history of cancer-related deaths, with 11 of her grandmother’s siblings all dying due to the disease, she opted for a double mastectomy two-years-ago.

She held a ‘ Goodbye bad boobs ‘ party to bring up her spirit – eating boob shaped cake, playing pin the tassel on the breast and battling a boob-shaped pinata.

The secondary-school teacher had breast and nipple reconstruction and to complete the journey had coloured-ink tattooing on her nipples this month.

Last week, she held a celebration to conclude the end of her battle with the deadly gene that can increase a woman’s risk of breast or ovarian cancer by up to 85%.

Prior to having a double mastectomy with expanders in 2015, she threw a party to say ‘goodbye’ to the breasts that had the potential to kill her.

Earlier this month she finished her journey after having specialist ink tattooing to the nipples and is now looking forward to a healthy future.

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